Investment Management

You might wish to delegate the responsibility of investment management to a professional because of time constraints or you might like to have the confidence of having an expert be an advocate for your investment decisions. As a fiduciary only to you, we will always act in the best interest of our clients.
services5Our investment philosophy is based on long term, cost and tax efficient methods by utilizing primarily low cost mutual funds, and ETFs. It is never wise to chase today’s hottest investments. It is not our goal to market time in the short term but strive to stay with a solid, value driven strategy that will withstand the market fluctuations.
We will construct a portfolio of investment mix that will reflect your time horizon, your tolerance for risk and other important factors we learn about you through financial planning process. We will monitor and review the portfolio and rebalance between asset classes on a periodic basis. You will receive quarterly report on your investment accounts and have at least once a year review meeting. Of course if you have pertinent changes or concerns that merit such a meeting more frequently, you can always request one.