Two Hour Working Session


If you have one or two financial topics that you would like to discuss with us for quick and accurate information, this will be your most suitable and cost effective option.

The total cost of the session will be $400.

This will not produce a comprehensive written financial plan but will give a solution to your most pressing concerns. This might make a great graduation, a newly employed or wedding gift that will have a truly long lasting impact on your friends and loved ones.

Some of the topics may include:

Cash Flow Analysis
Budget Management
College Savings
Retirement Benefits Plan
IRA Minimum Required Distributions
Investment Asset Allocation Review
Home Purchase Decisions
Tax Effect of Selling
Highly Appreciated Assets
Insurance Coverage Review
Social Security Benefit Options

Please give us maximum of 2 topics ahead of the meeting and we will let you know if you need to bring any documents. Because of the nature of this session, there will not be complementary get-acquainted meeting or a follow up meeting. Afterwards, the implementation of the plan will be your responsibility.